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The Top 10 Glamping Destinations Around The Globe

Posted on: April 13th, 2015 by Silk Pavilions No Comments

Glamping is not just limited to how far you can drive, but also how far you can fly! With the rising popularity of glamping over the past few years, it’s not uncommon to be able to track down glamping facilitates around the globe!

Lets take a look at some of the best global glamping destinations!


Misool Eco Resort in Indonesiaglamping indonesia

This Indonesian Marvel is as close to paradise as it gets, but besides the beautiful site where it is located, Misool Eco Resort is quite the treat nature lovers. Wildlife preservation and education is one of its top goals. Two permanent libraries have been built by them for this cause. The entire resort is made out of driftwood. They treat wastewater and collect rainwater. They are such big advocates of the preservation of nature. Go through the rich beauty of the uninhabited archipelago and be closer to nature as you go.

You also cannot miss the diving experience here as the resort boasts of their well-preserved marine life.
Another great attraction is their series of luxurious water cottages. These water cottages are built on stilts over the water. It’s built with a private veranda ready for a relaxing day in the midst of blue waters. These cottages are to die for.


10 Glamping tips for the Perfect Family Holiday

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Camping is a great way to get in touch with nature; you can sleep under the stars, have a romantic campfire with your partner, or have a nice family outing – but camping has another side; sleeping on a smelly and uncomfortable sleeping bag on the hard ground, eating cold canned beans and getting the fire to start.

sleeping under the stars

Some say that’s the appeal of camping but most just find it hard and uncomfortable so they cringe at the very thought of it. Nowadays, let’s just say that’s it has evolved into something new (and increasing in popularity!) called ‘Glamping’ otherwise known as:  Glamorous Camping.

First, you’ll want to decide on where in the world you want to experience glamping, so check out the top 10 global glamping destinations here.

It’s all the nature fun that comes with camping minus the rough work, so here are 10 glamping tips for the perfect family holiday so that you can rough it out in the wild without actually having to rough it out:


The Rising Popularity Of ‘Glamping’ In Australia.

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Glamping, otherwise known as glamorous camping may be news to you, however it’s  gaining popularity in Australia and all over the world – but when did this all start?

It combines camping with the luxury of a home or hotel, like electricity, running water and even a big comfortable bed – so much comfort, in fact, that many newlyweds are choosing glamping destinations for wedding events! Glamping is gaining popularity especially with women; it allows people that may not be comfortable with true bush camping to get closer to nature. Imagine dining beneath a desert star-filled sky and enjoying a silver service feast, prepared by chefs. That’s just one of the many elegant treats you can experiences while glamping in Australia.


Glamping – Do We Need To Tell You Why It’s So Great?

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Over the last decade, travellers have been able to enjoy a new twist in camping that offers a more luxurious, if not, more convenient experience.

It’s been garnering great reviews from outdoor enthusiasts all over the world: combining the words glamour and camping, glamping is all about experiencing the wonders of nature without having to compromise luxury and comfort.

Imagine not having to pack so heavily to cater to basics such as cooking, sleeping and bathing.