Frequently Asked Questions about the Eco Pavilions

Do you have power outlets in the Eco Pavilions?

Yes we do, our philosophy at Silk Pavilions is to have minimum impact on the environment. Your Eco Pavilion
gets its power from the main house solar collectors. This power is regulated for 12v LED lighting and
mini fridge, plus the water heater ignition system. There are mains power outlets that can be used for
charging your mobile or laptop but things like hair dryers use a lot of power and we have to limit there use.
if this is a problem please come to the main house and we will be very pleased to help.

We have a 4WD vehicle why can we not take our vehicles down to the tents.

In keeping with our philosophy of creating a peaceful and relaxing environment, we feel that
vehicles next to the Eco Pavilion may create noise from generators, music systems and fridges plus
the general coming and going that would affect other guest’s experiences. The walk down from
the car park is not too arduous, we bring your bags down in a little tractor and can provide personal
transportation if the walk is a problem for you.

Do you have television or video players in the Eco Pavilions?

No, we do not, we hope that our guests will use their time with us to enjoy the environment to get
away from the trappings and pressure of modern life and return to simpler times when we talked
to each other and listened to the birds! We have games (non powered) and walks. In fact many
of our one night guests need another night to really chill out and ask to extend, we often have to
disappoint, so get in early and book two nights!

Can we bring pets and a note on local wild life?

Unfortunately not, the non-humans that we live with don’t take to kindly to domestic pets. As they
were here first we try and respect their wishes. And on that note sometimes the local wild life can
be a little too inquisitive about the new inhabitants, so we suggest you lock up your food scraps in
the bin provided and keep the tent zipped up at night or when your are away.

Are you child friendly

Always a problem, as much as we love our children, Silk Pavilions is a couples retreat.  We work very hard
to create a quiet and peaceful environment for people who need to unwind.  Often just a couple of days
away from the children is all we need.  If this is a problem for you please call us and we will work out a solution.
Ask us to help we almost never say no.

Do you have camp fires or open fires

No, we don’t; for a large part of the year we have total fire bans so we have decided that as
wonderful as a camp fire is at night we just can’t safely provide this amenity.

Do all the Eco Pavilions have baths?

Unfortunately, we have only one Eco Pavilion with a bathtub this is mainly due to limited water. All
our water is tank water and although it tastes and feels great with no chlorine or other city additives,
it is limited.

Do you have mobile phone reception?

The basic answer to this is sometimes. Some areas of the property receive weak signal on some
phones. Most people love to escape the dreaded mobile cage if only for a couple of days. For
urgent communications, we have recently installed a mobile phone repeater at the main house unfortunately
this is only available for Telstra customers, also we have land-line and wireless internet.

When can we check in and out?

Check in times are any time between 2:00pm and 6:00 pm. If you are going to be later, then please
call and arrange for late check in. If we have the availability an earlier check in is also possible. Check
out time is 11:00am (late check out is available at no extra charge depending on availability).

What Heating do you have?

In the winter, we have large gas patio heaters in all the Eco Pavilions some also have electric
blankets and all have winter feather dooners.

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