Glamping – Do We Need To Tell You Why It’s So Great?

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Over the last decade, travellers have been able to enjoy a new twist in camping that offers a more luxurious, if not, more convenient experience.

It’s been garnering great reviews from outdoor enthusiasts all over the world: combining the words glamour and camping, glamping is all about experiencing the wonders of nature without having to compromise luxury and comfort.

Imagine not having to pack so heavily to cater to basics such as cooking, sleeping and bathing.



Glamping fire

You wouldn’t need to spend so much time prepping for food and bathroom needs. Sometimes even just a flushing toilet and a warm bath can make your camping experience a whole lot better. You can also put off having to buy expensive camping equipment without the intention of using them regularly. You can enjoy the great outdoors in all its wonder without the additional cost and effort.

People have been raving about waking up right next to nature on a warm, fluffy bed. Indulging on local, healthy food prepared without so much trouble. They can have the comfort and ease of having the beach or wilderness and the local hubs just a few minutes away from each other. This gives them a more relaxed getaway and even more time to explore and get lost in nature.

Not having to worry so much about these things creates a better experience to any traveler.

Glamping has evolved a lot to cater to varying demands. From a simple yurt or hut on a camping site to a mobile pod in the middle of the safari, a whimsical treehouse to a breathtaking villa, from bohemian chic to luxurious indulgence. There are glamping destinations filled with a wide range of amenities that will make your experience as serene and as indulgent as possible. Or, you can also opt for a simpler, more tranquil one that will only take care of basic necessities but is still an upgrade from the usual camping trip.


One things for sure; glamping will allow you to experience the full natural beauty of an area, without giving up luxury comfort.

Some huts and yurts come in with a huge comfortable bed and heated showers, mobile pods with a fully equipped kitchen, a stunning villa with a cozy fire place. You can choose from different accommodations to cater to your different needs without sacrificing your thirst for nature. Some even offer a more eco-friendly glamping experience by having more natural sources of electricity such as streams and solar panels. You can also enjoy tours by local people who can guide you through your camping trip.

camping teepees


The options are plenty and the experiences, even more amazing – We even offer the option of wedding packages at the Silk Pavilions!

Camping is awesome and it makes you appreciate life and nature even more. What glamping has done is pave the way for it to become more accessible and enjoyable to a wider set of travellers.

Glamping can be done anywhere in the world, so check out some of the greatest glamping “to-do’s’ here.


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